The VirtualCinema 4.0 streaming version has just gone beta! A demo application is now available for download:

NEW! VirtualCinema 4.0 streaming example application for Windows. .ZIP

The VirtualCinema overview movie is available in:

QuickTime Download - Large
QuickTime Download - Small
Real Broadband
Real 56k
Windows Media Streaming - Mid/Broadband
Windows Media Streaming - 56k

VirtualCinema is as ideal for distance learning, institutional and corporate training and business-to-business projects as it is for entertainment. Some examples of appropriate projects are:

PRODUCT OVERVIEWS - introduce clients or prospects to a new product or service that you offer. Give clients an in-depth immersive experience, as if you were in the room with them. Using VirtualCinema, your best salesperson can present your product.

PRODUCT TRAINING - educate clients or customers about a product or service they have acquired from you. Using VirtualCinema, the best instructor can train your customers.

LEGACY TRAINING - record the valuable knowledge and experience of your employees and officers for later use by others, a virtual archive of the kind of useful information that is often lost forever due to retirement and turnover. This kind of data can then be accessed in a highly interactive format, almost as if the student was conversing with the teacher.

Several projects utilizing VirtualCinema are currently underway - details coming soon. Check this space in the future for more information.


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