VirtualCinema is a powerful, object-oriented authoring, media integration and delivery/playback tool that is designed to work with all forms of streaming media. It acts as a unifying "hub" for delivery of all major media formats (Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc.) It delivers a sophisticated end-user experience and allows filmmakers, in any genre, to quickly leverage existing skills and production expertise into the exploding world of interactive media design and streaming video delivery.

VirtualCinema is designed so users can proceed with it at any speed, digging into detailed information or simply skimming the surface. A video database accessed on the fly seamlessly tailors the material to each user's needs. VirtualCinema's strongest feature is that it creates a relationship between the user and the software that is almost as interactive and dynamic as if you are actually talking to a real person, in real time.


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