"The power and flexibility of VirtualCinema is the essential tool that successfully brings the complex and fascinating world of the X-Files into the interactive domain. You're not playing the X-Files, you're in the X-Files."

- Paul Provenzano, Executive Director of Development for Fox Interactive

"VirtualCinema represents the long awaited breakthrough in bringing interactive entertainment and traditional cinematic narrative storytelling to the point of convergence. At last, cinema students will be afforded the opportunity to merge their cinematic training with interactive storytelling."

-Jerry Isenberg, Executive Director of Electronic Media Programs at the USC School of Cinema-Television

"It takes the concept of interactive cinema to a new level."

-Steve Baxter, CNN


Film Students Connect to Interactive Software
X-Files Game creator looks to the future and sees higher ed.
By Pamela Wheaton Shorr
for Office.com

The Truth Is Out There: Fox Interactive Introduces ``THE X-FILES'' On PlayStation; Title
Carries Highest-Ever Video Quality for PlayStation Game
Aug 16 1999 08:19

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October 26, 2000. VirtualCinema to be Taught at USC School of Cinema-Television.

October 2, 2000. VirtualCinema Expands Groundbreaking Interactive Methods.

February 10, 1998. VirtualCinema Acknowledged for Breakthrough Interactive Methods.

June 24th, 1993. HyperBole Studios Debuts 3D Interactive Movie Software.


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